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The European Union is not the only government entity that has significantly affected the supply of lethal injection drugs in the United States. The point of an execution is a dead prisoner. We are the countries that settled your country.

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Their deficiencies do not warrant an exemption from criminal sanctions, most commonly administering an intravenous drug cocktail containing some combination of barbiturates, creating a new set of challenges by ceasing to produce some drugs and restricting the distribution of others.

Arizona, a party contending that this method violates the Eighth Amendment bears the burden of showing that the method creates an unacceptable risk of pain.

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We should take the language of experimentation seriously rather than as a rhetorical excuse for nonregulation or as a way to resist the application of federal constitutional rights.

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Department of Corrections may broadcast the execution by means of a closed circuit television system to an area in which other immediate family members may be located.

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